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Product Lines


- Concrete Paving Machines

- Curb and Gutter Machines

- Bridge Deck Machines

- Work Bridges

- Texture Cure Machines

- Trimmer Placers

Stringline Equipment

​​- Stakes

- Line Rods

- Clamps

- Stringline

- Piano Wire

- Complete Kits Available

Midland Machinery

​- Road Wideners

- Trench Fill Boxes


​- Hydraulic Vibrators

- High Cycle Vibrators

Paver Parts

​- After Market Replacement Wear

- Items For Asphalt Pavers

Global Street Sweepers

- Mechanical Sweepers

- Air Sweepers

- Electric Sweepers 

Tropos Motors

​-Last Mile Trucks

-Delivery Trucks

Vantage Vehicles

- Electric Trucks

- Electric Vans 

Putzmeister Pumps

- Trailer Pumps

- Parts Sales and Service


​-Drill Steel and Bits

* Not all products are available in all areas



Super Products

- Camel Maxxx 900 & 1200

- Camel Maxxx Water Recycler 

- Mud Dog

- Super Sucker


Global Sweepers

-Vacuum Sweepers 

-Regenerative Sweepers

-Mechanical Sweepers

-Compact Sidewalk Sweepers

-Concrete WRS Super Paver / Roller Screed
-Trench Rollers
-Light Towers

Concord Road Equipment
-Under tailgate Unloaders
-Material Spreaders
-Post Pullers

-Bits and Blocks
-Cutting Blades
-Milling Drums

Minnich Manufacturing
-Hydraulic Vibrators
-Special Application Drills

Brunner & Lay
-Drill Bits

Bunyan Industries
-Striker roller screed


-Truss Screeds
-Triple Tube Screeds
-Cure Pumps


-Gang Drills

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